Gullivers Land

Gullivers Land

We are currently listed as Closed due to COVID-19. To Open this venue click here.

It's a perfect place for kids under 5/6 to go on rides and have a first explore of a theme park at a reasonable price! It also has a dinosaur park and splash zone nearby that can be included in the price of the ticket.

Recommended by Caroline Margolis with children ages 6 and 4 and 1 - Fri Apr 29 2016

Activity Type

  • Open farms, safari parks and zoos
  • Parks, walks and outdoor fun
  • Swimming and splash parks
  • Outdoor activities
  • Softplay


Gullivers Land Livingstone Drive Milton Keynes United Kingdom MK15 0DT
Adult price:
Child price:
Infant price:
Other price:
15.95 if booked 2 days in advance, Kids under 90cm go free


  • Pram/Wheelchair accessible
  • Has a childrens menu
  • Baby changing available

Opening Hours

  • Sunday 1030 - 1700
  • Monday 1030 - 1700
  • Tuesday 1030 - 1700
  • Wednesday 1030 - 1700
  • Thursday 1030 - 1700
  • Friday 1030 - 1700
  • Saturday 1030 - 1700


There are 2 reviews for "Gullivers Land"

Recommended by Theresa Ho with children age 3 on Thu Apr 26 2018

We visited in a group with kids ranging from 2-5. Everyone had a brilliant day on the rides, softplay, sand pit and other bits of entertainment! Some of us picnic'd though I wasn't so prepared and got us some burger meals and they were surprisingly tasty! Some parts might need a lick of paint and modernising but it didn't really affect our day as there were lots of bits to do. The Mr Whippy ice creams are massive and definitely worth getting for big and small kids ;)

Recommended by Tina with children age 2 on Wed Mar 29 2017

We really enjoyed gulivers we went on their 'food bank day' so had discounted tickets. It is a bit tired looking but it's perfect for little kids

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