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Wikiplacesforkids APP Image is the only site of it's kind made by parents for parents! A trip advisor for great days out and kids activities that are entirely added and recommended by people who've actually been with actual kids, we have sent over 100,000 people on amazing trips out.

As social influencers and opinion leaders, along with our founder Susie Lodge, we have an honest and humorous approach to our content. We make amazing connections and resonate powerfully with our audience and followers. Through developing great relationships we have established a network of Wiki Ambassadors that give us a reach of over 1Million across the UK.

There are lots of ways we can work together - as a consultant or promotor of your family activity and we can't wait to get started! 

Promoted venues on and our WIKIKIDS APP

Over the years we have developed amazing partnerships with incredible businesses all over the country, supporting their promotional activities and spreading awareness.

We have a number of packages to suit your needs and size, ranging from Regional Sponsor through to our Fabulous, Great and Good Day out Packages.

Each of these promotional spaces will ensure you stand out in the search results and get seen first. Increasing your chance of being seen by 300% over standard listings.

You will effectively be the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the top of the shortlist.

Family Experience Consultant

Our founder Susie Lodge also works 1:1 with attractions and family activities as a product reviewer, consultant and mentor, helping them become the very best they can be and ensuring they see their venue from the perspective of their family visitors. 

You can expect a comprehensive report outlining areas for improvement, recommendations for new services and new approaches to current products, campaigns and events and how to drive additional footfall.

Contact us directly for our media pack which outlines all packages and options.

Influencer Promotion

Parents are spending more time on social media than any other digtial platform, as such we cannot rely on them to come to our site only, we need to meet them on social media.

As 'The Wiki Mama', our founder Susie is known for her honest and thorough account of her family days out, for her reviews that understand the challenges faced by parents. Wikiplacesforkids_Official has a following of 19,000 on instagram, with a reach of 120K per week and over 5000 followers on facebook.

People take our word for it when we recommend a venue. 

Invite us to promote your business to our social following of 25,000, 95% female and UK based family day trippers across Instagram and Facebook.

Or work with us to receive one of our incredible high profile social influencer ambassadors to give your event or new attraction a super reach during your launch.

Contact us to start the conversation